Minced meat

In professional gastronomy

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Minced meat = many options

Minced meat is a very popular universal raw material in gastronomy. The advantage is that it can be prepared in many ways and serves as a basis for recipes from all over the world. We most often meet minced pork, turkey and beef. Working with meat is easy and we can also combine it with other ingredients, such as vegetables, mushrooms, cheese. It is recommended to process minced meat best on the day of purchase, as ordinary meat spoils faster. The most famous minced meat dishes are burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, ragout and meatballs.

Minced meat recipes

As already mentioned, we meet minced meat all over the world, and the following dishes correspond to this. Italian lasagna with minced meat, baked in several layers and the dish is served hot straight from the oven. In Andalusia, balls of minced meat, fish or poultry called abondigas are traditionally served. In Mexico, the basis of every chilli con carne is ground beef, tomatoes, onions and beans. Hamburger has become a symbol of the USA, it is a meatball made of ground beef. In Arabic cuisine, kibbeh is fresh minced meat that is eaten just like steak tartare. Pljeskavica - a dish from Montenegro, it is a meat pancake prepared on a grill from various types of minced meat. Russian cuisine is a popular pie, which is stuffed with minced meat, among other things. Dip, American mustard or Italian spice mix goes well with minced meat.

Minced meat


10.4. 2023

Cuisine: Chinese

Portions: 20

Minced meat

Shepherd’s pie

25.3. 2021

Cuisine: English

Portions: 4

Minced meat


25.3. 2021

Cuisine: Greek

Portions: 10

Minced meat

Quiche Lorraine

11.10. 2020

Cuisine: French

Portions: 8