Connect your devices to the network easily, securely and discover completely new possibilities.

Combionline is a simple and secure solution for network connection of your Retigo device. It offers you a completely new way to access devices, control them remotely, manage recipes, download operational data or update software. All this anytime and from anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Features of a connected device



New ideas always at hand

Get inspired by chefs from all over the world and get ideas from our public cookbook to expand your menu. Show off your successful recipe and share it in the Retigo chef community. A sophisticated search system allows you to quickly find the recipe you want. You can easily upload selected recipes to any connected device. For each recipe, a detailed description is available with a list of ingredients, including setting the cooking parameters on the combi oven.

Remote management


Monitor your device in real time from anywhere, anytime

Connect any number of devices in different locations. Create your own business structure. You can connect to any device really anytime and from anywhere, you can check the current status via your mobile device, for example, how much time is left until the end of the current cooking process.



Your programs and operating data are always safe

Automatic data backup on a secure server ensures that important data such as programs, HACCP data or operational records and statistics are stored securely and at all times. The system also significantly simplifies registration and eliminates the risk of staff errors.

Automatic notifications


Be informed about everything important in real time

In the system menu it is possible to set the sending of automatic messages in case of machine failure. Your service partner can also receive notifications automatically.

Operating statistics


Keep track of whether you're using your device to the fullest

Thanks to operational statistics and their clear display, you will have a perfect overview of water consumption, energy and the overall use of your equipment. Using the filter, you can set any period and the real values of operating hours, number of washing cycles or water and energy consumption can be viewed in the form of clear graphs.

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