In a professional kitchen

In professional gastronomy, a professional kitchen appliance called a combi oven is often used to prepare meals. The combi oven has the properties of a hot air and a steam oven at the same time. So it produces steam, hot air or a combination of both. The combi oven offers many ways of cooking food such as cooking, pre-cooking, steaming, stewing, baking, baking, low-temperature or slow baking, sous-vide, confit, smoking, drying, grilling, grilling, roasting, frying, poaching, blanching, regeneration, sterilization or shock cooling.

Why have breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, served in the morning. Many experts consider breakfast to be the most important course of the day, which should make up a third of the daily intake. But in general: what a country owns customs and traditions. It is the same with breakfast. In the UK, we find a typical hearty English breakfast with Earl Gray tea. This includes bacon, eggs, ham and cheddar. The English often make a sandwich or so-called English sandwich from these ingredients. In France, a croissant or baguette is popular. The continental breakfast includes pastries, butter, jam, cheese and cold cuts.

Recipes for a delicious breakfast

Breakfast is the beginning of a new day and many people will not leave home in the morning without it. Breakfast can be salty: chicken or quail eggs in many ways, debrecen, cheese and pastries. The bagel has recently gained great popularity. It is a round pastry with a hole, which can be perfectly complemented with eggs, ham or a combination of both in the form of "ham and eggs". In Czech cuisine, we most often come across white bread - bread or croissant. The sweet breakfast has thousands of forms, including pancakes with jam or nutella, croissant, cupcake, donut, muffini, waffle ... In Italy, a pear cake is very popular, complemented with raisins, almonds, cinnamon and apricot jam. The Greek specialty is fig cake and we got a pumpkin pie from Linz dough from North America. In Czech cuisine we come across buns or frgál with cottage cheese, poppy seeds or jam. Athletes' favorite breakfasts are porridge, muesli, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheese, vegetables and fruit.


fried sun egg

12.4. 2023

Cuisine: Chinese

Portions: 10


Tomato bread

25.3. 2021

Cuisine: Italian

Portions: 6