Russian cuisine

In professional gastronomy

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Russian cuisine

The development of Russian cuisine has historically been greatly influenced by the harsh local climate. The village population has always had to grow and process all food itself. The basis of Russian cuisine are potatoes, bread, cabbage, cucumbers, onions and mushrooms. The meat is mainly game, fish and poultry. Dishes are often seasoned with dill, parsley and sour cream. Traditional dishes include borscht, shashlik, pelmeni or stroganoff.

Recipes of Russian cuisine

Russian cuisine makes extensive use of local ingredients for cooking. Cereals are traditionally baked from cereals - wheat bread in the form of a padlock. The grown apricots are dried and made into a kajsa. Green peppers - jackets are used to prepare many dishes. Geršlíky is a dish made of boiled semolina with mushrooms. Mutton stomach stuffed with minced mutton, onion and buckwheat porridge called ňaňa is considered a Russian specialty. The pulp is roast pork prepared in the Russian style. The dish is served cold with vegetable salads, tartar sauce, pickles, mushrooms or pastries. Traditional cranberry sauce complements meat dishes such as venison, roast poultry or pâtés. The basic ingredients are cranberries, water, sugar, solamyl, white wine and ground cinnamon. Traditional soups include rassolnik, milk soup with pearl barley, soup with pickles or soljanka - a thick spicy soup with remnants of cooked or roasted meat of various kinds. The world-famous samovar - a tea machine - also comes from Russia. Originally, the water in the samovar was heated by hot coals, today we encounter a more electric variant. Vodka is a typical Russian distillate known all over the world. It is made from potato alcohol, corn, barley and rye.