Slovak cuisine

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Slovak cuisine

Slovak cuisine is one of the more energy-efficient, meals tend to be heavy and quickly full. The cuisine is influenced mainly by the harsh mountain climate in the north of the country, but also by neighboring countries. We most often come across dishes from pork or beef. Potatoes, which can take the form of dumplings, pies or fries and cabbage, are often served as a side dish. The traditional dishes of Slovak cuisine include bryndza dumplings served with cabbage, bacon or sour cream.

Recipes from Slovak cuisine

Slovak cuisine can be proud of a number of dairy products, such as parenica, oštiepok, korbáčik or bryndza. Oštiepok is a semi-hard steamed egg-shaped cheese made from cow's and sheep's milk. By smoking, it acquires a special delicious taste and color. It is a traditional Slovak cheese originating from the Carpathians. A favorite dish is dumplings - smaller gnocchi prepared from raw potatoes, similar to hairy dumplings. It is boiled in salted water, then greased with fat and served with brynza, bacon, cabbage or sour cream. Tassels are basically dumplings or gnocchi prepared from potatoes, served with cabbage and bacon. The pies were originally served as the first course of Christmas Eve dinner in Slovak families. These are stuffed bags of semicircular or triangular shape, they are again prepared from potatoes, flour, eggs and salt. The pies are filled with smoked, minced or other meat, brynza or cabbage and sour cream is served with them. Stuffed dumplings are another traditional dish, the filling is most often meat, bryndza and cabbage. Lokše come from western Slovakia, they are potato pancakes prepared on a hot plate. There is a salty variant - with lard for soup or sweet - smeared with jam and sprinkled with poppy seeds.



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