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Vegetables Roasted Sweet Potatoes

12. 4. 2023

Author: Gary CHIU

Company: Retigo Asia

Food category: Vegetables

Cuisine: Chinese

Program steps

  • Preheating:
  • 175 °C

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50 %
time icon Termination by time
time icon 30:00 mm:ss
probe icon 160 °C
ventilator icon 70 %
ventilator icon 

Ingredients - number of portions - 10

Name Value Unit
sweet potatoes 250 g

Nutrition and allergens


Nutritional value of one portion Value
Energy 20.8 kJ
Carbohydrate 4.3 g
Fat 0 g
Protein 0.5 g
Water 0 g


*Selected Tai Nong No. 57 (Brown skin and yellow meat, the highest dietary fiber, dense and soft taste)
◇ Wash the sweet potatoes from the soil, dry the water, and put them on the baking tray or grilling net
◇ Use baking paper under the baking pan to prevent the honey from flowing out and scorching and sticking to the baking pan
◇ The air convection is better when using the grill, which speeds up the cooking speed and reduces the time
◇ When roasting sweet potatoes, it is necessary to reduce the wind speed to avoid the skin from drying too hard
◇ Quickly cool down the sweet potato after being baked, store it in the freezer, and reheat it directly after freezing to enjoy

Recommended accessories

Vision Bake

Vision Bake

GN container Stainless steel full

GN container Stainless steel full