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Beef Oxtail stew

7.1. 2022

Author: Jaroslav Mikoška

Company: Retigo

Food category: Beef

Cuisine: Italian

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Ingredients - number of portions - 8

Name Value Unit
oxtails 900g each 2 pcs
celery ribs, finely chopped 2 pcs
onion, finely chopped 1 pcs
garlic cloves, halved, stemmed and finely chopped 2 pcs
cured pork jowl, diced 200 g
evoo 30 ml
dry white wine 400 ml
tomato pulp 1.3 kg
cloves 4 pcs
pine nuts, roasted 60 g
raisins 40 g
pure cocoa powder 15 g
salt 1 g
black pepper, ground 1 g


1. Rinse the tails well and cut them into eight equal chunks 2. In a Dutch oven render the fat from the cured pork jowl by heating it from cold until the fat melts, adding evoo as necessary 3. Sear the tail chunks in the hot, rendered fat, adding the garlic, cloves, salt and pepper at a later stage 4. Deglaze with white wine on high heat until the alcohol has evaporated and the wine reduced 5. Set the oven on combi at 90°C 6. Combine the tomatoes, cover with a lid and slow-cook in the oven for 3–4 hours or until the meat around the tails has fully tenderised 7. Towards the end of the stewing process, soften the celery in hot evoo in a skillet and add to the pan about 60ml of jus from the stew, pine nuts, raisins and cocoa powder. Simmer for 5 minutes 8. Plate a piece of oxtail per portion, topping with the pine nut and raisin sauce as garnish

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GN container Stainless steel full