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Poultry French Confit Duck Leg

10. 4. 2023

Author: Gary CHIU

Company: Retigo Asia

Food category: Poultry

Cuisine: Chinese

Program steps

  • Preheating:
  • 115 °C

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Hot air
0 %
time icon Termination by time
time icon 03:00 hh:mm
probe icon 90 °C
ventilator icon 90 %
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30 %
probe icon Termination by core probe temperature
probe icon70 °C
probe icon 230 °C
ventilator icon 90 %
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Ingredients - number of portions - 10

Name Value Unit
duck thigh 250 g

seasoning recipe

Name Value Unit
duck fat 3000 ml
coarse salt 100 g
caster sugar 60 g
ground black pepper, ground 3 g
garlic 100 g
thyme 10 g
rosemary 5 g
juniper berries 2 g
sage 5 g
bay leaf 1 g
orange peel 5 g

Nutrition and allergens

Minerals: Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, F, Fe, I, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, Se, Zn
Vitamins: A, B, B6, C, E, K

Nutritional value of one portion Value
Energy 131.8 kJ
Carbohydrate 9.8 g
Fat 8.2 g
Protein 4.3 g
Water 0 g


*CHERRY VALLEY duck legs from Yilan
The first stage
The heavy weight and high pressure help the duck meat cells to ooze out excess water, making the meat firmer and the skin smoother for frying and roasting
After marinating, wash and dry the water. The duck fat in the pot completely covers the duck legs. Add vanilla and sweet orange peel to seal the oil.
Oil seal at a low temperature of 90°C for 3 hours to reach the level of cooked and tender duck legs and maintain the quality of the duck legs

second stage
After the oil seal is completed, drain the excess duck fat, use a non-stick flat baking pan, and fry at high temperature with the skin facing down
If pre-made and refrigerated, remove the ice and return to room temperature in advance when frying to avoid excessive temperature difference between inside and outside
If it is pre-made and stored in refrigeration, it is recommended that the center temperature should be higher than 70°C after frying and roasting.

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