Recipe detail

Beef Beef Stew with Red Wine

10. 4. 2023

Author: Gary CHIU

Company: Retigo Asia

Food category: Beef

Cuisine: Chinese

Program steps

  • Preheating:
  • 225 °C

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30 %
time icon Termination by time
time icon 15:00 mm:ss
probe icon 210 °C
ventilator icon 90 %
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30 %
time icon Termination by time
time icon 02:00 hh:mm
probe icon 135 °C
ventilator icon 90 %
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Hot air
0 %
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time icon 30:00 mm:ss
probe icon 210 °C
ventilator icon 100 %
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Ingredients - number of portions - 10

Name Value Unit
duck skeleton 2.5 kg


Name Value Unit
onion 200 g
carrot 200 g
celery root 100 g
garlic 20 g
bay leaf 3 g
thyme 5 g
dry white wine 1200 ml
beef stock 5 l
sea-salt 3 g
ground black pepper, ground 0.5 g

Nutrition and allergens

Allergens: 9
Minerals: Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, F, Fe, I, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, Se, Zn
Vitamins: A, B, B6, C, D, E, K, Kyselina listová

Nutritional value of one portion Value
Energy 567.8 kJ
Carbohydrate 4.9 g
Fat 40.2 g
Protein 48.2 g
Water 0 g


√ The first stage
◇ Seasoned raw ribs dipped in flour and grilled, stewed to a soup consistency
◇ Roasted and then stewed to produce aroma and stewed in the soup together
◇ Roast and color before stewing, which can save stewing time
◇ Roast first and then stew to remove excess fat, and the soup is less oily

√ The second stage
◇ The red wine broth should cover the surface, and the broth is 1.7 times that of beef
◇ Stew on medium heat for 2 hours to soften the glutinous muscles
◇ Uncover the lid for the first hour, speed up the stewing and bring to a boil
◇ Cover the lid for the second hour to prevent the surface of the sirloin from being air-dried and over-burned
◇ Take it out and cover it for 30 minutes to help soften the taste

√ The third stage
◇ Collect the juice on high heat, remove the beef, and make the soup separately
◇ Beef ribs need to consider weightlessness and step retention rate, the longer the stew, the better
◇ It is necessary to consider the upper level of access and safety issues
◇ Without the lid, the high temperature accelerates the juice collection and shortens the time
◇ Steam oven production does not require human care, stirring at any time

Recommended accessories

Vision Bake

Vision Bake

GN container Stainless steel full

GN container Stainless steel full

Enameled GN container

Enameled GN container