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Vegetarian dishes Roasted bell peppers crème brûlée

28.9. 2022

Author: Jaroslav Mikoška

Company: Retigo

Food category: Vegetarian dishes

Cuisine: French

Program steps

  • Preheating:
  • 240 °C

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Hot air
100 %
time icon Termination by time
time icon 00:20 hh:mm
probe icon 220 °C
ventilator icon 100 %
ventilator icon 

Take out the bell peppers and insert the ready crème brûlée

Hot air
100 %
time icon Termination by time
time icon 00:55 hh:mm
probe icon 90 °C
ventilator icon 60 %
ventilator icon 

Ingredients - number of portions - 10

Name Value Unit
whole milk 200 ml
whipping cream 33% 100 ml
yolk 5 pcs
salt 1 g
red pepper 1 kg

Nutrition and allergens

Allergens: 3, 7
Minerals: Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, F, Fe, I, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, Se, Zn
Vitamins: A, B, C, Cholin, D, E, K, Kyselina listová

Nutritional value of one portion Value
Energy 35 kJ
Carbohydrate 6 g
Fat 0.3 g
Protein 1 g
Water 0 g


Roast the whole bell peppers and cover them after roasting for 5 minutes. Peel, deseed and mix well to a puree.
Heat cream and milk to 80°C in a combi oven. Add egg yolks and whisk them well. Mix in the pepper puree, add salt and pass it through a sieve. Cool down. Transfer the mix into ramekins and cook according to the program. Finish with making caramel on the top and garnish with grilled vegetables cut into small cubes and serve with toasted bread.

Recommended accessories

GN container Stainless steel full